Jared Porter, Creative Director
from NYC, now based in UT

Experienced Designer

I had the fortune of shifting from print to digital fairly early as the web wave swept into our lives. Interactive experiences are constantly churning and morphing into something new. Connectivity, mobility—all shifting us into new user experiences and needs. My experience helps us keep hold of the reins as we adapt and devise.

Results Focused

I’m not from a dreamy brand background where everything gets glitter. I come from a results-oriented approach. I want my creative to work for my clients. Work for their brand, work for their bottom line. Isn’t that why they’re investing in our ideas and strategy—for customers to buy their service or product?

Collaborative Leader

You can’t develop good creative in an environment that doesn’t foster fun and exploration. Certainly we have to react to the pressures of timelines and client expectations, but if there’s not good mojo on staff, then ideas suffer. It’s become very important to me that my creative cohorts feel respected and encouraged.

Interactive Work      |      Full Portfolio

Panasonic along with a little Ford

Reporting on K-6

Planning Prototype

Some like their todos

Online University Largess

Show Me A Good Time

Interactive Reel

Speed Comparison – A Step Further

Brands I’ve worked with